JAMAL: ‘Why Kill Yourself Over A Dude’ Amber Ray Changes Tune As Break Up Reports Emerge

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There has been increasing rumors that things are not okay between socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray and husband Jamal Rohosafi.


It all started after the mother of one removed Jamal’s name from her Instagram profile.

Amber who prides herself as the president of second wives association previously described herself in the bio as  ‘Jamal Marlow’s wife’.

The description is no longer there. Her move was followed in quick succession with the businessman deleting his Instagram page . 

The duo have barely been married for a year yet their marriage has been rocked by a series of drama putting them among top trends on social media.

Just a month ago, Amber was involved in a public clash with Jamal’s first wife Amira at the former’s gate.

Mimi niko kwa jikoni naskia shetani, mrogi… Anakuja kwangu kufanya nini? Ati coz mimi ni bibi wa pili ninyanyaswe (I am in the kitchen and a witch comes to my wife, does it mean a second wife should always be harrased)?   Amber posed while explaining what transpired in the drama.

In a follow up post, the YouTuber claimed that she was not bothered to be Jamal’s wife while insinuating that she was representing second mothers association as their president.

However she apparently changed her tune on Wednesday in a post indicating that she was not willing to kill herself for a man.

But why kill yourself over a dude that’s gonna be your brother when Jesus comes She wrote


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