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Judge Ian Lectures Single Kalekye Mumo For Claiming Men Fear Empowered Women

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There was an online uproar yesterday after Media personality Kalekye Mumo attributed her failure to get married to her status as an empowered woman in society.


She made the sentiments in a candid conversation on NTV detailing  ‘What men really want’.

“As an empowered woman, as a woman who has worked hard, who has been seen to do many things, it has been difficult for me to date,” she opened up.

“I am still single because there’s that notion that you’re now a woman who cannot listen, will not help, whereas the reality is if I’ve worked hard and I’m doing well, I should be able to help even more,” she added.

“As you meet this empowered woman, or are in the process with her as she gets empowered, are you preparing yourself for what that means?” she added, insisting that this particular aspect is important.

She was not done,

“Ladies, stop compromising things you cannot live with because as you grow older, those are the things that you cannot hide. Be very honest about what you can take, and this is what I can deal with for the rest of my life,” she added.

But former Tusker Project Fame judge Ian Mbugua hit her with some reality check on why educated women cannot sustain romantic relationships.

Speaking on the same show, Ian noted that most empowered and educated women have forgotten about basic principles of being a woman in society hence can’t sustain relationships.

According to him, a woman who understands her role in society should not have a problem being in a relationship.

“Just because she is really educated, does not mean she loses her place as a woman, as a helper. If she still realizes and understands her role, then there should not be a problem,” Ian said.

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