Kabi Wa Jesus’ Cousin Shocked That He Posted Child He Sired With Her

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Kabi Wa Jesus’ cousin, Ciku Dotty has expressed her shock he introduced a child they had together to netizens.


The YouTuber, whose real name is Peter Kabi, on Tuesday shared a video of himself and his daughter Abby enjoying their first merry-go-round ride together.

He also opened social media pages in the name of the young girl perhaps introducing her to his social media career.

However, a twist has developed in the whole plot after Abby’s mother disapproved of his action insisting that she had not given her consent.

Responding to a DM from blogger Edgar Obare, she hit at her baby-daddy cousin for not considering the feelings of the girl.

Hello Edgar, I am so shocked to see he posted Abby without my consent. So far he is doing what he wants and what is good for him not considering Abby’s feelings in any way or what she has been through she wrote

Yesterday’s development, however, indicates that Kabi has decided to become more involved in his daughter’s life.

This comes after he recently shared a video of himself shopping for Abby’s school stationery, something that excited most of his followers.

His change of attitude came after he previously denied siring the young girl and even went to the extent of demanding a DNA test whose results were subject to litigation.

While responding to the results, he admitted that he was indeed the girl’s father and vowed to take responsibility for the child.

He apologized for his earlier remarks after admitting that he had given false information.

I know this news comes as a shock to many of you who follow and watch us. I also know that my public comments about this matter gave a false impression which I deeply regret he said.


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Nevertheless, his decision to get involved in Abby’s life has still received a lot of turbulence following his baby- mama’s constant accusations that he is not taking enough responsibility for her as required.

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