Kabi Wa Jesus Pleads For Daughter’s Attention, Tells Off Dramatic Baby Mama

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Popular YouTuber Kabi Wa Jesus has pleaded with her daughter Abby to focus on their relationship as he seeks to raise her.


Kabi, real name Peter Kabi,  who was speaking to vlogger Mungai Eve, opened up to a series of things that have happened in his life including reduced activities on their YouTube channel.

While admitting that the drama that has involved Abby on social media over the period might affect her development, Kabi asked the young girl to focus on his love.

Abby I love you and if you get to see any negative thing out there just know that, just focus on the love that I will show. You are accepted and you are not a secret and the circumstance of your birth will not define your future

The content creator recently introduced his daughter to the celebrity life after opening for her social media pages where they posted their first time together enjoying a merry-go-round moment.

This comes after a series of events including a time he denied siring Abby with his cousin Dotty Ciku. 

He would accept responsibility after DNA results later revealed that he was actually Abby’s father.

According to his interview with Mugai, however, Abby was a testimony that Kabi’s wife Milly was a pillar in his life.

My lovely wife, I have put you through a lot but I have seen you support me, and thank you for not leaving me. I cannot repay you. She has been there in every step and has shown me the true meaning of for better for worse. Kabi said.

The father of two, however, did not mince his words while addressing his cousin who doubles up as Abby’s mother.

To all baby daddies, don’t be afraid to be in the baby’s life no matter the stage the baby is. And to baby mamas, Kama tumeachana, act like tumeachana and stop acting like we are still together. Focus on how the baby is going to be raised and leave all the dramas. Let’s know this is about the baby and nothing more

In the same interview, Kabi admitted that they have been slow on putting content on their YouTube channel but explained that it was due to the tight program in their lives.

This year has been tough for us but it has also been the best year since God has blessed us so much. We opened a business (Bossman), we are also building a house and the stage it is at we have to be there. We are struggling to balance releasing content and running our businesses but we promise to be back when everything is put in order


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