Kakamega Man Caught Inserting Eggs In A Coffin During Burial Service

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Drama ensued during a funeral service in Eshikhulo village, Mumias East, Kakamega county after an elderly man was caught inserting eggs inside a coffin as the burial was underway.


The man identified as Benson Mumia left mourners in deep shock with his bizarre act.

According to an eyewitness, Jane Aseka, the suspect was busted red-handed placing two eggs near the deceased’s head as she was going to check on the body before covering the coffin in readiness for burial.

“I saw him with two eggs. He placed one on the left and the other on the right side of the deceased’s head. I the quickly raised alarm and other mourners got hold of him,” she said.

The irate mourners immediately descended on the sexagenarian with commendable numbers of slaps, leaving him with minor injuries.

The bizarre incident brought the funeral ceremony to a standstill as they were wondering what was happening.

“Ever since I was born I have never seen or hard a case like this one, we are suspecting he was involved in the death of the deceased considering her demise was abrupt,” said one of the mourners.

some mourners believe the man could have a hand in the woman’s death.

“This is pure witchcraft, he may have been responsible for the death of our mother,”

an elder in the community was quoted saying the man could be responsible for the death and for him to put the eggs was a way of cleaning himself from his bad deeds.

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