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Kakamega Wives Up in Arms as Husbands Abscond Bedroom Duties

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It is quite unusual for women to wail about conjugal rights. When they do, things must have gotten out of hand.


And so when the fairer sexes from Shibule village, Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega County, were up in arms over the laxity of their hubbies between the sheets, something was truly amiss.

Ostensibly, rampant cattle theft has been keeping their husbands out of bed.

They say the theft has forced their husbands to spend the night outside the house to protect their cattle from being stolen instead of warming their beds. Some of the women say their marriages are now on the rocks due to constant quarreling with their husbands over bedroom matters

“Cattle theft in this area has brought most of our marriages to the verge of collapse because many of us want children and to have more time with our men. In some cases, it has led to infidelity,”  Alice Anangwe reportedly told the Nairobian .

She urged the government to intervene and beef up security in the area so that they can save their marriages.

“The work our husbands are doing is not their job, that is the role of police officers. Their role is to spend time with their women, not in the cold at night guarding livestock,” she said.

Wives with younger husbands felt the pinch more as their youthful men are the ones sent out to guard the livestock on most occasions because of their virality.

“I am still young. I have the urge for sex and I also desire to have children, but I cannot because my husband spends more time outside the house at night keeping watch. This puts me in a difficult position because I can’t get enough time with my husband,” she said.

Kakamega Central Sub-county Police Commander Daniel Mukumbu urged the residents to work with the police to stop the gangs so that husbands can return back to their beds.

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