Kanye West alleged side dish speaks up

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It’s clear that the Kardashian family is going through the mud with speculations that Kim and Kanye west could be headed for a divorce and that they are apparently living in separate homes but still aligned when it comes to their kids.


Different rumors as to why the marriage is on its death bed have been flying in the air including the idea that Kanye West is finding it hard to deal with the Kardashian family dynamic; but one that definitely caught the eye is the fact that Kanye West allegedly cheated on Kim Kardashian with Jeffree Star, an American entrepreneur and You tuber whose sexual orientation is gay.

However, Jeffree has decided to clear his name stating that he is definitely not sleeping with Kanye West but there are a lot of rappers in his DM trying to hit on him.

Things are beginning to look very messy in Hollywood and its only January, Lord knows what the situation will be looking like by the time we are mid into the year. However we hope that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will be able to work their situation, last time I checked marriage vows had a line that goes something like [FOR BETTER FOR WORSE’.

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