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Karma? Corazon Kwamboka’s ‘Sad and Alone’ Post Gets Maureen Waititu’s Fans Talking

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Clout chasing that has become synonymous with local celebrities or indeed there is fire on the mountain and it is not the burning bush?


Socialite Corazon Kwamboka’s latest post on Instagram has left the brows of both her fans and those of Maureen Waititu, twitching.

“I feel so alone and sad. I want to have a genuine smile again, to be really happy,” she wrote.

Her fans feel it is just the hormonal rages of pregnancy. Waititu’s fans believe it is karma

Since they got together slightly over two years ago, Corazon and fiance Frankie Just Gym it have been flaunting their infatuation online, clearly showing how mesmerized they are with each other.

The two who are expecting their second child got engaged during their ‘baecation’ in Zanzibar on August 31.

They went public soon after Frankie’s highly publicized separation with content creator and lawyer Miss Waititu.

“I said yes!!!! To happiness, to love and to a whole lot of fun with the one person, I don’t ever want to live without. @ Frankie I can’t wait to say I do,” Corazon wrote on Instagram.

Days later, she confirmed her second pregnancy by sharing an Instagram post of the snap of her grown baby bump with a caption:

“Thank you, Jehovah for blessing my womb yet again!!! How many praises can I sing, how loud can I say thank you, my God? From a hopeless Endo warrior to a soon-to-be mom of 2!! To my angel; Your big brother and I can’t wait to meet you and to love you forever.”

On his page, her fiancé also uploaded a family photo and captioned it to read:

“And the family keeps growing! We can’t wait to meet you.”

But the breakup rumors are not new. In August 2020, they unfollowed each other on social media and deleted each other’s pictures from their respective accounts.

The move raised eyebrows among netizens with many wondering if their whirlwind romance was over. According to Kwamboka, they made the drastic decision to pull away in order to concentrate on growing their relationship away from the prying public.

In a brief chat between the Genio Sportswear founder and blogger Edgar Obare, Kwamboka reiterated that she and Frankie are doing better than ever.

“Hey, how are you? Why have you decided to shake the internet again? What has happened between you and Frankie?” asked Edgar.

“Lol I just started feeling invaded and stressed with people knowing my life too much so we decided to keep the relationship to ourselves,” responded Corazon.

“We are even together now. You can post this if people are talking,” she added.

A section of netizens ganged up on Kwamboka, accusing her of coming between Frankie and his baby mama, Maureen.

Frankie defended Kwamboka saying,

“I didn’t leave Maureen for Kwamboka. Maureen and I broke up then I met Kwamboka. It wasn’t planned that I am going to get rid of this beautiful thing that we had going on and go start another beautiful thing that we have now going on. That wasn’t the thought process. We had our differences and issues and it’s something that people need to understand.”

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