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Kenyan women explain why they don’t invest in their men

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Classic FM listeners were today treated to a heated debate that involved accusations that Kenyan women don’t invest in their spouses.


Presenter Maina Kageni had made the assertion and received support from co host King’ang’i who challenged women in chamas to share their earning with the spouses.

However their listeners had different contributions to make on the hot topic.

Below are some of their reactions;

Letting a woman invest in you is a big mistake. You are handing over the ‘instruments of power’. You will be a puppet in your own family.

The other gender – people who listened to a snake and brought this all sufferings in the world need not to support us. Ile kukutangaza watakutangaza village ata kuku haitakua na heshima having sex in front of you.

Maina I see potential in my husband but I don’t see us going far because I earn 600k and he earns 100k, so I need someone who is in the same level as me.”

It’s hard for Kenyan women to invest in their men. This because nowadays a lady earning more than her man doesn’t trust him.

Most women believe that their money is only for them therefore they can’t invest in their men.

Sometimes it’s risky investing in men. My husband lost his job so I bought him a car ndio afanye biashara ya kuuza vitu nayo. Three months later he started treating me badly and I know he is making money. When I ask him for money, anasema hana pesa.

I’ve heard that lady and she’s just speaking with anger and hatred. Before she got married to the man, how much did the guy spend on her? Those white candle 🕯 dinner amesahau how it costed him? Wakubali kulipa madeni later in life.

Don’t judge all men, not all the same, but it will depends mnapelekana na yeye aje na wapi . So your own marriage is all about both of you and not to other people out there.





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