KICC Grabbed? Report indicates government doesn’t own title deed

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Doubts are hanging over the ownership of a piece of land where the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) sits after a report by the Auditor- General Nancy Gathungu revealed that the title deed is not in the government’s name.

The report disclosed that the 28-storey building and the Garden Square Restaurant sitting adjacent to the state corporation have title deeds that are not owned by government.

Even though Gathungu did not reveal the name in the title deed, she made it known that the property is valued at Ksh2.29 billion.

Other disparities made apparent in the auditor’s report is that the building’s administration does not have Garden Square spaces, KICC parking lot and Jomo Kenyatta monument as part of its property.

The confusion around the ownership of the building has been made worse following claims by Kenya African National Union (KANU)  that it owns KICC. 

The party filed documents to the Registrar of Political Parties stating that it owned the title deed of the historic landmark.

KANU has insisted on its position despite the fact that it was forcefully evicted from the building in 2013.



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