KTDA; Tea Farmers Celebrates Voting Out Peter Kanyago After Holding The Position For 26 Years

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Tea farmers have a reason to celebrate as they managed to removed Peter Kanyago who has been their chairman for more than twenty-six years.


Tea farmers in Nyeri broke into celebrations after they managed to vote their representative, Peter was voted out after he garnered  27 votes while the incoming coming chairman Mark Mwangi received over 235 votes.

Kanyago who was not present during the voting period will now have to step down from the Kenya Tea And Development Agency  (KTDA) position as he cannot hold the position after losing at the zonal stages.

He is being accused as one of the cartels that have been increasing the price of raw tea in the region.

In 2020, President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law The Amendment 2018.

The new law seems to have brought a lot of changes unlike the previous one where the farmer with the most shares would have more powers.

The current new law cuts across equally, where one man, one vote counts.

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