‘ Kukua star sio kuchukulia watu wanawake wao’ Otile Brown says as he explains why he prefers staying away

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It seems something is not right for independent R&B singer Otile Broen in the industry and he has decided to talk about it.


Well we don’t know who misbehaved but it is apparent that the ‘Nabayet’ hitmaker was targeting someone with his general comments.

Taking to his Instagram Stories OB had some wise words for celebrities.

“Sometimes people will work with you not coz you’re best of the best but coz you’re reliable, you deliver on time, straight forward, listener, polite, respectful.. Kukua star sio kuongelesha watu na dharau na majigambo , kupotezea watu mda wao kwenye mikutano, kutoshika simu za watu uliokaribu nao , ku chukua milele kujibu text za watu , kujiona una connections za kukiuka sheria , kuchukulia watu wanawake wao de. kwa sababu unauwezo.. huo ni ushamba…” He wrote. 

“Know who you are, know your worth, be professional, have standards but still be respectful to everyone, be polite… if you don’t want to do something just say no ” in a polite way” I have seen people making it from the mud then throw it all away for some BS .. chill & grind. You don’t demand for respect, you earn it and you don’t have to be disrespectful to be noticed… if you’re good trust me people will know it and they will love & respect you, even if they will never tell/ show you.”

Otile went further to explain why he opts to stay away from scandals and clout chasing.

“Sometimes It’s easy to forget where you’re from, sometimes I just drive through the roads that I used to trek on just to remind my self … if you really got it from the mud never play with your hustle like a tennis ball … protect it .. that’s why some of us we stay away ” sio kisa Tunajiona bora kuliko wengine au tunadharau , ni kisa tu! Hatupendi utani na kazi na tunajua nakuelewa nafasi Aliotupa Mwenyez Mungu na tunashukuru nakuithani Grind & slowly put your people on.”






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