Kulundeng Original verses Hippos FC friendly highlights the missing focus of jaza stadi campaigns

Photo Courtesy: Kulundeng Original

Hippos FC played host to elite Gor Mahia fans group Kulundeng Original in a friendly match held on Saturday, October 31, 2020, at the GEMS Cambridge International School.


The two teams were pitched in a mouthwatering dwell that exuded the visitor’s level of substance despite losing 4-2 to a more experienced Hippos side.

Although one side lost, both teams were equally elated at the event which was filled by fun both on and off the pitch.

Tagged by passionate fans, the friendly highlighted the importance of handing Kenyan football back to supporters if they are to fill the stadia.

One major complaint that has stood out as to why many fans do not attend local league matches is that the fans don’t feel involved in match organization. They don’t feel the ownership of the league and therefore tend to be withdrawn.

It is no wonder AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia continue to attract bigger crowds whenever they have matches. Their fans are involved in club elections, event organization, club charity events and all other activities which fill them with a sense of ownership.

This is reflected in both Hippos FC and Kulundeng Original events and has seen the two fans group continue to attract new members each day.

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