‘Ruto and Raila Will Work Together Ahead Of 2022,’ Reveals Moses Kuria

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Kuria who was speaking to online influencer Gerald Bitok claimed an alliance between Ruto and Raila is in the offing and will be made public once it is finalized.


“Before handshake happened, I was the first one to predict. Raila is my man and I understand him very well…Raila Odinga and William Ruto will work together before the 2022 General Election na kuna watu wataachwa kwa mataa (some people will be left in the cold) in what would be Raila’s last bullet for real,” He said.

The Lawmaker said Raila had decided to work with Ruto after realizing the latter had an “unassailable” lead in the 2022 presidential race.

“The logical thing for him to do will be to say…create for me some space so I can complete my political life peacefully. For me, that is something I will encourage and actively cultivate…I will make it happen,” Kuria observed.



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