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”Kwani alipewa Mimba Na Watchie?” Robert Alai Attacks Arrow Bwoy And Nadia For ‘Hiding’ Pregnancy

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Popular blogger Robert Alai has joined Radio presenter Phelix Odiwour alias Jalango in attacking celebrated popstar couples Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami for ”hiding” Nadia’s Pregnancy.


In a hard-hitting and sarcastic Facebook post, Alai wondered why Arrow Bwoy did not want to own up the pregnancy.

”You own your game kama you are confident of the mimba. Wachaaaaaa!!” said Alai

Alai also satirically alleged that Arrow Bwoy’s act of going silent about Nadia’s baby bump would simply mean he’s not responsible for the pregnancy.

”wewe ni mwanaume mgani anaficha mimba ni kama mke wako alipewa mimba na watchie wenu? asked Alai.

The blogger was in defense of Jalango who broke the news about Nadia hiding pregnancy, which has to turn out to be beef between him and Arrow Bwoy.

Jalas had said Nadia has been Hiding the baby bump with a big sweater for a while now.

“You know they (Nadia and Arrow Bwoy) visited me at home and see I am telling you. It’s true! I think they want to do a baby bump shoot,” he said.

But Nadia Mukami in response confirmed to have been pregnant with her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy but suffered a miscarriage.

“We’ve been through a lot we have our own reasons as to why we keep our things to ourselves. We have our angel in heaven,” a teary Nadia said in a video clip she shared on Instagram.

Arrow Bwoy also responded to the matter ”“2022 wanaume tupungeze mushene bana. Biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa. Shuglika na Maisha yako”


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