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Let’s Talk Tik Tok- Kevin Ikwara

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The fast-rising Kenyan man on Tik Tok sensation Kelvin Ikwara chose to entertain people at the peak of the pandemic of the corona.


Kevin who was hosted by Jalango on his Youtube Channel #BongaNaJalas on Thursday 6th May said that he saw an opportunity and he decided to ran with it.

“I saw the gap as an opportunity during the pandemic and decided to entertain people. Downloaded the app though it wasn’t very much active until early this year. That is when the corona was at the peak all over the country,” he said during Bonga Na Jalas Show.

He added that from there that is when he decided to try a few things in terms of putting up songs on the app. And that is how it picked up.

His first video on Tik Tok has over 2.5 million views and four hundred and eleven thousands likes.

“My first time when I went viral I did not believe that it was me trending. This gave me more morale to do more of videos,” Kelvin says.

He noticed that some people are taking his shine by creating fake accounts.

“Some people have already started creating fake pages by using my name which is not good”.

When it comes to inspiration Kelvin said he used to be motivated by the late Papa Shirandula and Jalang’o and Otoyo just from their nice jokes on TV.

On live interview, Jalang’o promised to connect him to Azziad who he will do a collaboration with on tik tok. This was confirmed when Jalang’o called Azziad on phone and she agreed to do a collaboration with him.

When he was recently hosted in a separate interview, Kevin said that he is a common man who is employed but also has a side hustle.

“All I can say is that Kelvin is a family man. I am employed and also have a side hustle, Kevin said.

He also went ahead to thanks Kenyans who had given him immense support and his fellow tik tokers.

“My content has been supported by Willis Raburu, Flaqo, Mulamwah, among other celebrities. I want to meet Azziad in a professional setup so we can have collaboration,” He added.

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