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Lilian Muli Warns Women Against Sending Men Long Messages Days After Admitting She wanted Her Man Back

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Royal Media’s Screen siren Lilian Muli has had a tumultuous love life whose scenes have often played in the public gallery.


From a broken marriage to siring another son with a man she labeled in a pained online rant as a ‘community husband.’

Her Instagram account is often thronged with relationship quotes depicting someone who has been there, done that, got hurt here and there, is unapologetic most times over most things but who also has a few regrets that often slip through the carefully worded yet candid posts

Just the other day, she warned women against sending long paragraphs. She emphasizes that expressing one’s thoughts and feelings after the relationship is unnecessary.

Muli stated that men cared less and rarely read through the messages. She advised women to uphold their dignity and walk away.

During the new year, she shared a lengthy post on her Instagram page, noting that 2021 was a strange year for her. Muli said she learned some huge lessons and even told a story of how she partied hard after letting go of someone she loved.

“I partied a lot I think like never before but that’s because I finally let go of the person I loved most in this world. I keep telling you guys I’m a lover, ” she said. I hang on to a memory too long hoping perhaps that things would go back to what they used to be but nope, God has his ways and had different plans for me,” she added.

Muli recently showed that she seemed to be on good terms with her ex Jared Nevaton Ombongi despite their bitter split. Could the billionaire baby daddy be the one she had hoped to reconcile with?


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