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Maasai Women Up in Arms After Their Husbands Flee Home to Taste Uncut Women

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There is growing concern amongst the Maa community as their men, especially from Kajiado, are allegedly abandoning their women and families to shack up with women from other communities.


Word is that the curious men are trying to find out the difference between a circumcised woman and those who have not undergone the cut

One of the men who spoke to K24 Digital claimed that they have been intrigued and are thus on a mission to sample women in the region’s uprising towns which have been thronged by sex workers from other communities.

The major downside of the same is that they have left their wives languishing in poverty at homes for the ‘new catches’.

“I am a polygamous man of four wives but since I sampled an urban woman, I have not been able to resist having a concubine in town.

“I can confidently tell you that men from our community (Maasai) whom they say have gone missing from their homes are busy sampling women in these towns. They want to know the difference between uncut and cut women. That’s it,” he said.

Unlike satellite towns of Kiserian, Ongata Rongai, Emali, Sultan, Ngong and Kitengela where sex workers line up in the streets looking for clients, in upcoming towns dominated by natives the practice is still not publicly paraded.

In towns like Mashuuru, Ilbisil, and Maili Tisa sex workers have rented houses as tenants where they practice their trade

The women’s main targets are local men from the villages who spoil the women with money from livestock and land sales in exchange for body pleasure.

This revelation comes after irate women from Ildamat area in Kajiado Central stormed into Duka Moja centre looking for the randy men who they say have become rare at home.

The scorned women bemoaned that their men splash money from the sale of livestock and land on concubines to the chagrin of their suffering families back in the rural villages.

“The only time my husband comes home is when there is an incident or a sick family member. Nowadays he only orders for cattle, sheep or goats to be taken to the market where he is for sale. Once he sells, he only buys maize flour and pockets the other money for his leisure use. The level of immorality among our men has reached a notch higher.

“Culturally we women are not supposed to question their whereabouts but we cannot just allow open immorality that is depleting our resources and exposing us to sexually transmitted diseases. Those twilight women in towns are only interested in stealing our children’s resources and we cannot allow it. We will take low into our hands until the matter is addressed,” Tompoi Agnes said.

The women complained that men are no longer interested in fulfilling conjugal rights back at home pointing out something amiss.

” We fear these women are even using charms on our men just to confuse them and mint money from them, “she said.


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