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Mama Dangote Unfollows Toy Boy Husband After He Absconds With Huge Loan

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In October, word went round that East Africa’s Bongo sensation Diamond Platnumz had thrown out his Mama’s lover known as Uncle Shamte from the family home


However, mama Dangote was quick to jump to her son’s defense of his son Diamond saying he did not chase Shamte

In an interview with some media house in Tanzania, Mama Dangote claimed she is legally wedded to the younger man and that both religion and the law expect them to stay together.

“I think it’s because I don’t post him as often as I used to. There is a time that one opts to keep their affairs private, and some people interpret that as meaning all is not well. But it is untrue. Sometimes we like keeping our matters under wraps.”

She added,

“That is so unfortunate because most of the time, things are not what they might seem.”

Shamte in a separate interview said some people would love to see them separate but they are still together.

“We have no issues.”

Earlier on, Diamond’s mum denied giving her husband money for his love. “I do not bribe men,” she said.

“I am not one of those rich, old women in town, I am an old, naive one from rural areas, who loves being bribed instead. Women who bribe their men have a problem.”

Well, it would seem that indeed all was not well then, and all is not well now as Mama Dangote has since unfollowed him.

It is unclear what sparked the fight between the two lovebirds, but rumor has it Uncle Shamte took a loan with her house as collateral

Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi said on Instagram she couldn’t give more details as she is afraid her account will be deactivated.

“Uncle Shamte took a loan with Mama Dangote’s property. It got to a point he could not pay the loan and so the company wanted to auction the house. It is rumored that the case is in court.”

Tanzanian blogs have it that Shamte will never leave Mama Dangote because she has been pampering him with money and the good life.

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