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Man charges Ksh7 for daughter’s bride price

Photo Courtesy: Jeangasho

A man from  Majengo village, Tana River county has left residents in shock after he requested Sh7 for his daughters bride price.


According to a report by Daily Nation, this is not the first time that Mr. Hussein Maro has asked for weird bride prices for his daughters.

On this particular occasion, Maro asked the prospective son-in-law to give seven-one-shilling coins to confirm his love for the girl.

The suitor had to go to the nearest shopping center to break the huge notes he had carried.  After managing only four-one-shilling coins, he went door-to-door to look for the remainder.

According to the father-in-law to be, that is the best way to test the man’s sacrifice to his daughter.

“Many people thought I was crazy asking for asking for one shilling coins. They thought I was practicing some sort of witchcraft, so they told me off,” Maro said.

Maro’s wife also shared the same thought.

“If the man promises he will love, respect, and take care of his daughter, he weighs the words from his heart. If he feels they are genuine, then he accepts. If he feels they are not, he will turn down the man,” she revealed.

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