Man Steals Gun After Fighting A Police Officer

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Police have launched a search for a man who stole a gun from a Kenya Forest Service Officer (KFS) after a serious fight.


According to the reports, the man is said to have cornered the officer with a machete threatening to slash him before he overpowered the  45 years old officer in Homabay County on Tuesday, 30th November.

According to the detectives handling the case, the officer found the suspect cutting the trees in the Lambwe Forest, and after a small disagreement, the officer confronted the suspect.

According to the Lambwe West Location Chief Daniel Obure, “The resident was accused of planning to burn charcoal in the forest. He attacked the officer with the machete, injuring him in the head and hands.” 

“The extent of injuries showed that the suspect overpowered the officer,” Obure added.

The detectives are wondering why the officer did not pull his gun to caution the suspect.

Reports further indicated that the ranger collapsed and fainted after he was slashed. The sleuths believed that the resident seized that moment to steal the weapon before the suspect disappeared in the forest.

The suspect dumped the gun a few kilometers as he run away.

“We rushed the injured officer to a nearby hospital where he received first aid before being rushed to the County Teaching and Referral Hospital where he was admitted,” Obure said.

Mbita Deputy County Commissioner Abraham Kembo warned the residents from protecting the suspect and urged them to cooperate with the police as they hunt the suspect.

“Anyone found culpable of helping the resident will be charged with aiding and abating a wanted person. 

“The suspect is still at large. We will, however, trace him and ensure he is charged,” he said.










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