Manhunt Launched For The Lone Suspect Who Attempted To Rob Bank In Kisumu

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Detectives have launched a manhunt for a suspect who is believed to have been behind the Tuesday attempted robbery at Equity Bank along Angawa street in Kisumu County.


Nyanza Police Commander, Karanja Muiruri revealed to the press that after reviewing the footage, one person was placed as the mastermind of the robbery, whom they launched a manhunt for.

A day after residents of Kisumu City witnessed a dramatic gun battle between police and a suspected bank robber, normalcy has returned to the lakeside city with the bank reopening for business as usual.

He is said to have displayed a notice to the cashier before demanding she deposits bundles of Ksh.100,000  into his bag.

The cashier raised an alarm, prompting the suspect to hurl a tear-gas canister and jump to the ground floor leaving behind his shirt.

It is after hurling the canister that police arrived at the scene and engaged the attacker for close to five hours.

According to Nyanza Regional Commissioner Magu Mutindika, The suspect left his shirt which the police took as the exhibits.

“We have in our possession a man’s shirt. We suspect that the robbers had a change of clothes and left the banking hall during the evacuation of distressed clients,” He said.

He further said that the effort to contain the heist was not easy after the suspects clobbered teargas to the officers at the banking hall.

“At 11 a.m., there are people who came to this bank. Some got in and others remained outside. During the time, there was a tear gas that was thrown in and caused a frenzy from the customers inside. 

“I got the report and called the Regional Police Commander who came here with other officers to see what was happening. After some time, one of those suspects wrote a not to a lady demanding Ksh100,000 without which they would finish her,” on the witnesses told the press.

At the end of the operation, all those who were inside the bank were taken to Kisumu Central Police Station where they were interrogated.

All the suspects were released from police custody after interrogation. No suspect was arrested among the over 20 staff and customers who were interrogated.

At contention is how the attacker left the scene despite the bank lacking a back door, where were the officers manning the bank when the robber entered the bank, did they fail to frisk him and where could he have bought the teargas canister from.


Police who recovered an unexploded teargas canister believe the main suspect was in the company of other robbers who were waiting for him outside the bank with a motorcycle and who escaped after chaos erupted inside the bank.




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