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Maribe, Jowie Set to Reunite as Case Kicks off in Open Court Next Month

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The trial of Joseph Irungu alias Jowie and Television journalist Jacque Maribe for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani will continue next month in an open court.


The case on the two erstwhile lovebirds came up for hearing virtually on Wednesday where they had sought to have the matter heard in open court.

After considering their request, Justice Grace Nzioka directed the matter to be heard from May 5.

Both Maribe and Jowie denied the charges, having been accused of murdering Monica on the night of September 19 and September 20, 2018, after her lifeless body was found in her bathroom with her throat slit.

Maribe told the court in 2019 that she believed the only reason she was standing trial was that “I was in a love relationship with a person the prosecution have an interest in,” and that she allowed Irungu to come live in her house, and gave him access to her car.

Four witnesses, including a gardener, caretaker, a delivery official and a friend to Maribe have since testified before justice James Wakiaga, who was transferred and a new judge will be appointed to handle the case.

The prosecution said that it intends to call 32 witnesses, four of them are protected while five will be expert witnesses, according to lead prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki.

In an interview with True Love last year, Maribe says she believes her relationship with her ex Jowie Irungu was rushed after dating a year before engagement.

Maribe had nothing but praises for Jowie but she thinks it’s important to know someone before rushing into something serious.

“He was very nice, and he genuinely was. I will never come out and say anything to the contrary,” Maribe said.

Reiterating that,

“He was very nice to me but I think this is why it’s important to know somebody before you rush into something like this because I do believe it was rushed. We had only dated for one year before the engagement.”

Maribe added that she thought at that time they were ready and Jowie wasn’t a guy who would give her a lot of pressure because she used to work a lot.

“I thought maybe I found somebody who understands the kind of woman who is passionate about her career, her hours, being a mother and you have now a partner who will understand that because it’s very hard,” she said.

Maribe also came out to clarify that her relationship with Jowie had ended even before he was sent to prison.

“This man was that person for me. I don’t live in regrets but if regret was a person then that would be it. I don’t like to speak about him because sometimes when you speak your truth people will come and judge you and say you are still bitter,” she added.

Maribe added that it’s important to set some records straight in as much as she respects the fact that Jowie has moved on with his life.

“I see now he has moved on and people are going to say why are you talking about him. I just don’t talk about him because I don’t want to talk about him and it’s out of respect for him moving on with his life and I think where we are now, we chart our own paths,

I want to correct the fact that he said we broke up while he was still inside. We had broken up, let’s be honest. We had broken up before. It had happened before let’s be honest about it. But he is not somebody I will mud-sling or anything,”

She said that this is a story and that she will do an exclusive once the case is over because, “I think it’s important that people find out the truth from the horse’s mouth,” she told the magazine.

Maribe also opened up on how her world stood still after being linked to the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

“Everything was going so well. My career path was good until one day something happened. Time stood still and it’s a horror movie,” she said.

“I got to a point where I didn’t understand what was happening. I saw myself on the headlines, in the newspapers, and these are your colleagues who are writing the stories, and some were outright falsehoods. That is one of the reasons I said I don’t want to be in a newsroom any longer,” the former anchor said.

About her experience at Lang’ata Women’s Prison, she said it was tough and she missed her son, a thought that gave her sleepless nights.

“I was at Lang’ata Women’s Prison for 17 days and it was tough. I missed my son and it used to keep me awake every night. I could cry every night,” she said.

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