MASTEN WANJALA: Family Reveals Why They Will Not Bury Serial Killer

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The family of self-confessed serial killed Masten Wanjala has revealed that they will not accept his body.


According to the kin who anonymously spoke to the media on Sunday, October 24, burying Wanjala would bring a curse to the family.

He further explained that his actions would spell doom to the clan at large if they buried him at his home.

We are afraid that if we bury him, we, as a clan, might be perceived as killers he said.

The latest development contradicts his father Robert Watila’s request that the state hands over his son’s body to him.

Wanjala’s father recently apologized to the families whose children Wanjala murdered.

It’s painful, very painful that my son was killed like a dog, I did not go to view his body after he was lynched. I tried to go to the scene where my son was lynched but after walking for about twenty metres, I was overwhelmed by emotions and I returned to my house

Wanjala was lynched by the mob in his Kamukuywa village after he had escaped from police custody in Nairobi.


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