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Meet A lady Who Started Modelling While In Form One

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The modelling industry is a very huge sector with great potential and competition and different lifestyle. It requires someone who has the dedication and authenticity to manoeuvre in it.


Dorty Wason a mother of one is so passionate about modelling and this is a lucrative art she developed when she was very young.

The popular young lady who is also known as Mama ‘Yao’ began her modelling journey when she was in form one and never regretted making that decision.

” I started modelling immediately I joined form in  2003, I went for an audition which was happening around and luckily I managed to become number three”, Dorty said.

According to her, she learned that there are men who usually takes advantage of young girls, and if you cannot able to accept their sexual advances then you cannot be able to participate in any beauty contest and win, They will always pull you.

Like in my case during my time when I was contesting as a model they indeed ask me for sexual favour but I turned them down. And that is why I managed to become number three in that particular contest”, the sassy lady states.

This tells a lot about what probably could be going on in the beauty industry. And this is dangerous to those young girls who can’t speak for themselves and for their rights too.

Dorty said nowadays some of the models when they go for such auditions instead they come back when pregnant.

” The community should take this issue into consideration because we are losing important people in the community who could help in future and become great leaders. So as a model I will use this platform to change my community and talk to these girls”, She said

Through her passion and following her heart, Dorty who is also a businesswoman had a chance to start working with a certain organization called Shofco and this has really impacted her life so much. She says talent and gift pay off when you are determined and dedicated to what you do in the community.

She advised young people especially girls to not allow anybody to convince them and always to stand for themselves and know their rights before some men take advantage of them.


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