Mejja’s hit song pulled down from YouTube amidst claims he stole it

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Celebrated singer Mejja’s rising momentum seems to have received a little hiccup after his popular ‘Tabia Za Wakenya’ song was pulled down from YouTube.


A spot check on the musician’s channel reveals that the song no longer exists on the streaming channel.

The banger, which detailed the unique behaviors and mannerism Kenyans, was released three weeks ago and had already garnered 2 million views.

Just a week after its release, an upcoming artist known as Revina, reached out to blogger Alai claiming that producer Vicky Pondis had colluded with Mejja to steal the song.

“When I asked the producer why he did that to me, he lied,” said the Mathare’s upcoming star whose real name is Kevin Ochieng.

The Sijiskii hitmaker was however uick to rubbish those claims terming them as hateful.

“Hate on another level, I am the same person helping new artists. If this is meant to slow me down, I will not stop releasing music till I die. God above everything,” Mejja wrote.



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