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Men share hilarious experiences while teaching their babes how to drive

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If you ever felt frustrated while teaching your girlfriend or wife how to drive, trust me this is not unique to you.


Women are naturally too nervous to learn how to drive and they make the learning process very sour for the instructor.

A Twitter user on Monday shared his experience while teaching his darling how to drive and he sounded very annoyed.

Teaching your own babe to drive is the most frustrating thing ever. You were driving us into trailer and you’re asking me why my voice was high He posted

Netizens could not hold back with their hilarious responses as they took to the comment section. See some of the reactions below;

Bavic: Told her USE YOUR HEAD she parked at the middle of the road and started crying.

Mr. Spills: One time I was teaching my wife. She about to ram us into the wall & she asked me “should I turn?” I said no, enter the wall 

HassanI was teaching my wife how to drive & one day while at it on d street, she sped & almost hit a bikeman carrying a passenger. D bikeman had to swerve hard to avoid colliding with us. I was so scared & had to hold the wheel. Madam said, “relax, I got this”. U got what? Hire killer!

Mrs Ero: My husband told me “You’re more intelligent not to understand this simple thing” I parked and told him to drive his car.

Jon: Just remembered, when my friend’s husband asked her how she passed driving school, because she’s so dumb, my girl stopped the car entered bike went home and started crying 

Oluwafemi: Babe your hand is straight on the wheel you only need to start using your common sense… In Yoruba Lakaye ni wọn fi nwa motor” that was the end of our good moments that day. For good 2 weeks she didn’t touch the steering.

Will Be Great: Fear that gender…..She was driving me into the bush and told me everything is under control. Madam you’re violating my sanity 

AfolabiMy sis hit the throttle, she was looking at my face happily while the car was headed for the building… I was shouting brake, brake she didn’t answer! I had to pull handbrake…she said I didn’t tell her to look forward and turn the steering. Well that was the last time..

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