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‘Mimi si wa Kutishiwa,’ Jalang’o On why His Marriage Works

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Digital magnet, Comic, and Entrepreneur Phelix Odiwuor has a healthy marriage that is devoid of ultimatums and tantrums.


This he revealed during his morning talk show that he co-hosts alongside Kamene Goro on Kiss 100 Fm breakfast show.

The Langata legislative hopeful averred that one of the reasons he and his wife got married is that their relationship did not have ‘threats.’

This was in reference to the typical sulking from ladies, “‘Ooh tuachane, hii relationship haiwezi work.’

The topic was triggered after Kamene said in the past she used to send ‘threat’ texts to her bae when she felt he had gotten too comfortable.

“There is a level of psycho-ness that comes out when women get into a relationship. Men, don’t ever get comfortable in a relationship.

There is a time I used to send texts to my man nkiona amerelax sana.

Mmechill, things are okay, you see the guy is too relaxed, so I would send a message saying ‘There is something we need to talk about.”

Jalang’o retorted that those threats only trigger low-quality men.

“That one line cannot work with me, I will say okay and only avail myself when I get time.

Relationships are a two-way thing, it is our responsibility to create an environment where the relationship thrives.

My wife and I married well because there were no threats. If there is something you need to talk to me about I would prefer you go straight to the point.”

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