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Money and Makeup Makes Her Think She’s Young, Mzee Abdul Fires Salvo at Mama Diamond

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On keeping up with the Dangote’s; aside from Chibu Dangote infecting American rappers with Covid-virus, his new taste for fine toys, his baby mama drama as one blocks him, the other frolics with his erstwhile friend Ric Ross, his parents too have revived their beef


After subtle tension as Diamond Platnumz’s fame soared, things hit the rut when Sanura “Mama Dangote” Kassim, the mother to the 31-year-old Bongo Flava star, shared photos of Salum Iddi Nyange, a man she previously dated and declared that he is Platnumz’s biological father.

This move sent shockwaves across social media as netizens across the region pondered over the paternity declaration, that suddenly alienated Abdul Juma who many had long believed to be the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) honcho’s biological father.

To affirm her position, Mama Dangote told Wasafi FM that the singer bears Nyange’s name, as she was already pregnant by him when she met Juma.

“When you look at Diamond and Ricardo Momo (Lava Lava’s manager) what do you see? Ricardo’s father is the same as Diamond’s – he is called Salum Iddi. Mzee Abdul was a stepfather he found me with Naseeb’s pregnancy, and he knew it.

He told me that he was not responsible for the pregnancy. I have on many occasions told him that if he had accepted the pregnancy, the child would have been his. He has done nothing.”

These sentiments were echoed by Momo who reiterated that Platnumz was formally introduced to him by his late father.

“Our late father introduced me to Naseeb as my sibling. Since then, we have been very close,” said Ricardo.

Revelations came at a time when the singer is being accused of neglecting Abdul and focusing more on his mother.

In series of interviews, Mzee Abdul said that he will not challenge Mama Dangote’s statement, maintaining that he is now relieved following the revelation.

He added that Diamond Platnumz should refrain from identifying with the name he gave him; that’s Naseeb Abdul Juma or else he will take legal action against him.

The old man also pointed out that the revelation came as shock to him because all along he knew he was the biological father to the WCB President.

Kwanza Sio Kwamba Ni Taarifa Za Msiba Kwahivyo Sio Mbaya Na Mara Nyingi Kumekuwa Na Hizo Story Lakini Mungu Mkubwa Katika Wasafi Nikasikiliza Nikasema Sawa Kwasababu Nimepata Uhakika Na Sio Mbaya Nashukuru Na Mimi Kweli Sio Baba Yake Ndio Kitu Pekee Nilichotamka Sikupata Mshituko Sana.”

Yamezungumzwa Hayo Lakini Mimi Nafahamu Kuwa DIAMOND Ni Mwanagu Mia Kwa Mia, Ni Mwanangu Kuanzia Mimba Maisha Tuliyoishi Pale, Nampeleka Hospitali Nakuja Kumpokea Tunarudi Tunaanza Maisha Mpaka Nakorofishana Na Mama Yake Anaanza Form One Mimi Niko Nae, Na Sijawahi Kusikia Kipindi Chote Kutoka Kwa Mama Yake Akimwambia Kuwa Huyu Sio Baba Yako Mpaka Leo Ilivyokuja Kutamkwa Kwa Mdomo Kabisa Ndio Naamini Mimba Sio Yangu Lakini Mimi Naamini Mimba Ni Yangu” said Mzee Abdul Juma.

Mzee Abdul went ahead to warn Diamond and his mother to be mindful of their words and the consequences and confusion they will bring to their family.

He also said that the information has helped understand why Diamond and his mother are always reluctant to help whenever in need.

”Anasema Mimi Ni Baba Mlezi Af Pia Anasema Mimi Nilikataa Mimba Nilimlea Vipi? Hebu Fikiria Hayo Maneno Yanakuja Vipi? Maneno Hayo Mawili Tofauti Yanakuingia? Itakuwaje Nikatae Mimba Af Nimlee Mtoto? Mimi Kama Mimi Naimani Ndio Mzazi Na Kwanini Nasema Hivyo Kwasababu Anatumia Jina Langu Katika Vitambulisho Vyote Naamini Hata Pia Katika Mikataba Yake Yote, Na Kuna Watu Wanasema Maswala Ya DNA Lakini Siwezi Nikalazimisha Kitu Wakati Mama Ndio Anayejua Na Yeye Ndio Kila Kitu Siwezi Kuforce Kupima”

Well, almost a year later, Mzee Abdul is still firing Salvos

“There is nothing bad like when you are broke, if I had financial muscle in that family, I don’t believe they would have put me on blast in that manner,” Mzee Abdul told Mbego TV.

“They would have called me privately and stated the facts. It would have been done in private and respectfully. But the way they did it was very bad, their wealth has given them pride and arrogance to do something like that.”

Asked if this has affected how he feels about his adopted son, Diamond, he said, “From my vantage point, my son has no issue, it is the mother. that wealth has given her the pride to think she has it all, she doesn’t think that she will die one day.

She also looks at a mirror that makes her think she is young and youthful there are things she is doing that she fails because she is now elderly not like her young days.”

He continued, “She needs to know that today you can be here and tomorrow you are gone, how many great leaders have died and left their leadership, how many wealthy billionaires have died and left their money? For me, I keep my faith and know that there is a God.

In Mzee Abdul’s home, he hangs the son’s photos to show that he still loves Diamond despite the paternity saga that caused quite a stir in the East African Nation.

“Parents don’t get angry at their children, when they poop on your hand you don’t cut it off you wash it and continue. These are normal things that happen, and life always goes on.”

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