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My Best Friend Betrayed Me And stole my company

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I started a Media Production company in August 2012 with a colleague. In December 2014, it was a profitable venture initially however our business started to fail so I brought in my “Best Friend” as a consultant.


He was a sales executive at a big tech company in Garissa. At that time, I had tried different sales approaches. Once I brought him on, our appointments increased and things were looking better.

We finally closed our first client since I brought him on and my partner and he had a disagreement. Unfortunately, following this meeting I had to end our partnership for personal reasons.

Shortly after, I went to my “Best Friend” and suggested starting another company. He linked me up with a Cameraman/Director and a Marketing colleague of his. He suggested we operate under his Company name until we incorporate which he had his lawyer handling. I “thought” that was a good idea, seeing how he was my “Best Friend”, I found out quite soon that it wasn’t.

Our company grew fast and I was extremely busy. I was managing all the projects and working countless hours. After a few weeks I started to ask questions about our Incorporation papers and why they hadn’t arrived yet, he kept telling me they were on the way (they already arrived, but were hidden from me).

And then an unfortunate event happened, my grandmother passed away. So, I had to travel home to Malaba for a week to be with my family.

Then things started to get even more sketchy. Once I was back in the office after a commercial shoot, I noticed an “offer letter” in our Outlook Feed addressed to someone I’ve never met with a % of stock enclosed.

I immediately became paranoid and downloaded every file to everything – I had access to all files since I was the Super Administrator to all the accounts (Google/YouTube etc.) except for Dropbox. I was able to download 90% of the Dropbox files before being shut out.

I called in sick the next day and went to a lawyer. By that time, they realized what was going on and changed all the passwords to all the accounts, luckily, I had most of the files. They changed my email password but before they could I created a back-door email account that forwarded any and all communication within the company to a special email.

I met with a lawyer that dealt with corporate law, he was very expensive and it didn’t get anywhere. He said if you want to sue it would cost me 500 thousand shillings -1 million thousand shillings if the lawsuit went to litigation.

He kept asking questions like Is the company worth that much? Can you afford this if you lose? I surely couldn’t see anything that would make me think that I had a chance to win the case so I had to retreat back to starting from zero. However deep down I wasn’t content that it was all I could do despite having the files. It was a tough year that followed next as I had to start another company.

This time I started the company alone and after a few months, I partnered with my first friend and allowed him to buy some shares in the company since I needed some money.

Then some time as we were having a casual chat, he told me about Kiwanga Doctors and hinted at using him to revive the case. To be honest we were struggling so I agreed.

We called Kiwanga Doctors and went through the details. We were given magical rings and spell books, and additionally, they did a spell. The doctor then told us to get a lawyer and carry on with the case as we had received the powers to win the case.

We hired another lawyer and he was positive about opening up a case against my unforgiving and heartless friend. Long story short, when it came to the hearing date, the Judge ruled in our favor citing that I had to be refunded 30 percent shares and 2 million Kenya shillings with Interest for a 2 year period.

We were advised to settle the case outside court which I agreed and as a result was given 27 percent shares and 3 million Kenya Shillings. I sold the shares back and got more money which I invested in my new company. Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors.

I advise anyone with business problems to visit Kiwanga Doctors. Kiwanga Doctors do a diagnosis on their clients by asking a few questions for self-introspection in the area of one’s life such as challenges in financial and physical aspects, among others. Kiwanga Doctors’ spell casting powers work within 24 hours from when they are released. Many others who have been assisted by Kiwanga Doctors say they have received powerful healing and are now living their best lives.

The doctors also solve life’s challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increasing your luck, that is, winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work, and clearing away devilish spirits and dreams.

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