My Boyfriend Dumped Me After He Got Good Money

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I never imagined my lover would leave me someday since he was such a committed person, especially to our relationship.


Being a lady that stands for everything despite the condition, I never had a weak heart where I tacked all the challenges in our relationship hoping for the best in the future.

At some point, he was a broke guy since he had not a good source of income hence I took him and stayed with him in my house where I never complained of anything at that time.

Things were good on his side where he got a nice job where he was earning some good cash which made him change.

Our relationship was full of misunderstanding since he at some point had some vulgar language to me where I never had imagined once a day he would change to this extent. It was the beginning of my pain in the relationship keeping in mind I was 100% in love with him and I saw him as the love of my dream.

A lot of people who knew me would love at me saying I would not have invited such a guy in my house for the insults had really gone to so many high levels.

At some point, he had his salary and he sent me some hurt breaking message that he was not to come to my house at any particular time since he had found someone else who really he loved than me.

I never imagined things would reach at this point. Mike had really turned to an animal this time around. He was only texting me all kinds of insults. I never replied to him since I wanted him madly.

My love for him was at a different stage and so I only kept silent to my poor heart. My long time friend, Hannah introduced me to Dr Kiwanga for she told me she once had a problem of a similar calibre but Dr Kiwanga solved everything with his spells.

I contacted Dr Kiwanga and booked an appointment. I met this herbalist after two days since I was so much desperate to solve my case.

He cast the love spells to my relationship which he assured me things were to change and my lover would change his mind. After three days I was so much shocked as Mike contacted me begging for forgiveness where I forgave him without even having a second thought.

We are happily in the relationship married to each other through the help of Dr Kiwanga the true spell caster. Long live Dr Kiwanga. His expertise in mixing herbs helps in healing diseases such as typhoid, syphilis, gonorrhoea, epilepsy among many others.

He has also genuinely cast away evil spirits, get rid of bad scary dreams, breaking voodoo spells.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate in most cases. He is the best herbal doctor in the whole of the East African region and hence do not be limited with your geographical location for he also does phone call healing. For consultations call +254769404965 / E-mail kiwangadoctors@gmail.com or visit the website www.kiwangadoctors.com.

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