My Boyfriend Took My Sister Over Me After We Had Been In A Relationship For A Year

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We had been dating with John for three years, we were so close that we would call each other every time day in day out, John would visit me at my homestead on weekends and I would too visit their home on a regular occasion, we were so close, like real birds just awaiting real time to get into marriage and start a new life something I was really eyeing to, it was just a matter of time.


A few days thereafter I started to notice, different behaviour from my boyfriend john, He was never the same again, the calls the visit stopped abruptly, I wondered what was up and what was going on at that particular moment. We were so close that he could not just shut up that way, I was in allotters that I was going to lose my boyfriend, whom I was planning to wed in just a few years’ time, I tried to call him but he never picked my calls, Was he just after using me and leaving me just like that, like seriously? Had he dumped me! No, I could not believe that I thought something had happened to him, when I went to check on him at his house, I was shocked to a point that I lost consciousness, there was no one to be seen in his rented apartment in the neighbouring estate, a few kilometres drive from here I stayed with my sister.

Had he just decided to move to another estate without informing me of his girlfriend? That’s when I realized that John had started cheating on me and that he decided to move away so that I didn’t notice what was going on, I tried to ask his friends if they knew his whereabouts, but none of them knew where he had moved to.

After sometimes I started to notice a weird, behaviour from my sister, she would leave during weekends, and come a few days thereafter, with good clothes, and all kinds of presents, I wondered how he had fallen in love so first just a month after she had started staying with me, deep down in my heart something told me that there was something fishy with her, when I asked her who his boyfriend was she told me that I dint concern and I should concentrate on my issues, I kept it to myself, I knew I was going to find out who his boyfriend was but I suspected she taken john away from.

One day as she prepared to go and see his boyfriend I decided that I was going to follow her secretly, to know who really was.

As she prepared in his room, I pretended to be asleep only to follow her secretly without her knowledge, I had predicted right, I saw john come pick her from the gate in his new apartment, I could not believe that I followed them and

basted on them, instead of them apologizing to me, john told me that she had preferred to take my sister over me because I didn’t give her pleasure in bed, I decided to start sex in marriage and told him to wait till then, they then chased me out of the house.

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