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My Parents Didn’t Embrace My Modelling Idea -Oyugi Zena

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Oyugi Zena a 24- year- old when she ventured into the modelling industry, her parents didn’t embrace the idea even after she had convinced them to just allow her to pursue what she loves doing best.


The jovial girl didn’t look back but followed her heart and passion despite her parents’ disagreement.

She grew up dreaming of becoming one of the most known models on the continent. And growing up in Kisumu, Obunga slums where sometimes life was not easy but tough still she managed to manoeuvre and beat the odds to become the kind of girl she is today. Currently, Zena is a student at the Technical University of Mombasa pursuing Bachelors of Science in Development studies as a third year. And at the same time modelling.

“I like modelling because it boosts my confidence and creativity and since I am doing development studies, I even find it easy to blend it with modelling as this helps me to know how to handle my community with empathy and not sympathy,” she says.

According to her, she says modelling is a lucrative job but only when you take your time and know-how to market yourself well then it will definitely pay off.

It has not been in vain since Zena started modelling. Through the platform, many doors and opportunities have been pouring and she is using them to change and transform her community instead.

Today she is the ambassador of young upcoming models in Kisumu Obunga.

Last month the talented model and a video vixen also managed to be a second runner -up in just concluded Miss Kakamega pageant.

“This was an online Miss Kakamega voting and I managed to be at number two, unfortunately, I didn’t succeed in the runaway because of certain issues that came up after a successful campaign”, the beautiful girl said.

The record holder of Miss Obunga in 1st runners up 2020 and 2021as most creative model said her motivation and inspirations comes from confidence and courage to face the obstacles in life.

Doing something in the community is a powerful thing when it is meant to change lives and transform people. And most important leaving a legacy behind. And as for her legacy is the deal here.

“I want to change the lives of people in the society through what I do. I believe creating a solid platform where young people can be able to showcase their talents, for example, modelling centre would be an awesome thing”,

She added: “And this is why I have started one modelling agency in Obunga called reformed model which is doing well so far and the community have embraced the initiative”. 

The also counsellor and motivational speaker advised young upcoming talented models to be respectful.

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