Nadia Mukami Blows Her Own Trumpet As The Best Songwriter

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Certainly, with her hits like Tesa, Radi Love, Kolo, Wangu, and Maombi, Nadia Mukami is doing great in the music industry.


Taking to her social media page, she said that she is the best songwriter/lyricist of this generation.

“I am the best songwriter and lyricist of this generation! Why don’t we have a songwriter of the year awards? We need to shift focus to the power of the pen,” She announced.

She continued: “I met up with Sautisol over the weekend and we had a Conversation on Songwriting and the Power of the Pen!! Let’s Glorify the power of the pen!!!!
I just stirred the Pot on Twitter and I won’t run away from it. For a long time songwriters and Lyricists, we are overlooked, and yes, content is king!”

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