Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris Wants DCI, DPP To Block Sonko From Social Media

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Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris has urged the Director Of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Director Of Public Prosecutor (DPP) to ban former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko from social media


Passaris was speaking during the illumination of the Kenyatta International Conference Center to mark the beginning of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence on Tuesday night.

She said that Sonko’s expose warranted the country to ban him from using any social media platforms.

Sonko recently leaked videos implicating various individuals including lawyers and Justice Said Chitembwe in alleged corrupt dealings, with one woman being exposed in a compromising situation.

The former Adopt a light CEO said that Sonko infringed on the rights of the woman and his expose of her constitutes online violence against her.

“That kind of violence and violation of a woman is wrong by every standard and the I cal on the DCI to take action against him because as a country, you can block someone who has terrorized and abused women on social media platforms,” Passaris said.

She said that Passaris should borrow a leaf from other European countries and how they deal with cases like that.

“Europe refuses to even mention the names of such people and they do not give them any kind of audience. So I am challenging the DCI and the DPP to close those social media platforms,” 

“If we say that we are going to end sexual and gender-based violence then perpetrators in such high positions should not be let to walk scot-free. He must be made an example of,” She added.

“Let us cut the power that perpetrators have on social media platforms. If they managed to do it to Donald Trump, then they can surely do it to Sonko,” She concluded.

In his defense, The former governor on Tuesday when he was hosted on KTN said that he can only record cartels.

He also said that he is not breaking any law by exposing such people.

“Article 35 of the Constitution talks about access to information. If I would be just shouting verbally with no evidence no one would believe what goes on in the judicial system. He concluded.


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