NICK NDEDA: Why I Am Feeling The Pressure Of Dating Betty Kyallo

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City lawyer Nick Ndenda seems to be enjoying every moment of his love life with popular media personality Betty Kyallo, at least from the side that they occasionally show us on social media.


However, the advocate has revealed that the fun doesn’t come entirely marinated as he is feeling the pressure of dating the gorgeous former K24 and KTN anchor.

Speaking during a recent interview with Jalang’o TV, Nick disclosed that he started feeling the pressure of dating a public figure especially when their relationship had been exposed by blogger Edgar Obare.

The Judiciary official said that being a public-shy individual, they had decided to keep their relationship low-key until a snitch neighbor filmed them together and shared the pictures with Obare.

He further admitted that the public attention thereafter made him feel uncomfortable.

We had agreed that we never wanted to go public, we knew that there will be rumours and the what not because we are seen together here and there…which is fine. There is a lot of pressure, there are many people invested in the success as they are in the failure… I know that when a relationship doesn’t work it just doesn’t work and I know I won’t stay in it just because of the public… but in any relationship, you should always have it in mind that you want to get it right. he said.

The two are however taking their relationship seriously and may soon surprise the nation with a wedding after Betty recently insinuated that she was ready for a proposal.

While appearing together in one of Betty’s friends’ wedding, the veteran journalist made it clear to her Luo bae that she was ready to walk down the aisle once more.

I am in such a lovely wedding, he is not getting married, maybe soon.. Babe uliza sahii, propose Betty said

Her request was followed by a mimicking from Nick who went down on his knees to do as she had requested.

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