No more TukTuks, Boda Bodas, traders within Kisumu CBD

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The Kisumu County government has banned traders, private vehicles, boda bodas and TukTuks from the newly constructed non- motorized transport lanes as well as the Oginga Odinga street.


In a notice that took effect on Monday 22 Feb, all listed above are expected to park from the back street.

The decision is in line with the Kisumu Sustainable Mobility Plan (KSMP) which intends to increase accessibility of the Central Business District by prioritizing cycling, walking and public transport.

“As we escalate to other parts of the city, we wanted to show case how kisumu can be when there is no Vehicles, bodaboda and the rest. The main street of Oginga odinga street. That area should be a freely walking area . You do your shopping enter and walk without obstruction by bodabodas or taxis. The vehicles, bodabodas, and taxis should  be parking from behind the back street. Entrance through front and exits from behind. The purpose of the concreate path way along Oginga Odinga street is for people and pedestrians to walk not fir parking or selling wares,” explained Kisumu city manager Abala Wanga.


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