OJ of Tahidi High officially joins UDA, to vie for Ruguru- Ngandori Ward seat

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Celebrated actor Dennis Mugo popularly known as OJ has revealed his intentions to vie for the Ruguru- Ngandori ward seat in 2022 General Elections.


The entertainer disclosed that he will be looking to unseat Michael Kariuki Munyi (Jubilee) using Deputy President William Ruto associated party United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Taking to his social media pages, the creative director shared a poster urging his followers to register as members of the party.

“I am Dennis Mugo. I will be vying for MCA Ruguru Ngandori Ward in 2022. I am a registered member of United Democratic Alliance (UDA)” read the poster.

OJ was a popular name that spent several years entertaining Kenyan households in the teen drama Tahidi High which featured on Citizen TV.

Known for his badboy character, OJ was among the most followed figures in the drama together with Sarah Hassan (Tanya) and Joseph Kinuthia (Omosh).

He would however quit over a decade ago to venture into a solo career. From a boy know for his young face on the screens, OJ evolved into a family man and started a company called Triple Edge Media where he is the creative director.

At one point, the entertainer was reported to have lost control of his life alcoholism.

He personal admitted during an episode on his YouTube channel to have sank into depression after squandering all the money he made from the show.

He revealed that he was a good reference for the famous of Swahili proverb ‘Asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na dunia’.

“I made my first million, but what did I do with it? Nothing. Do you ever look at your friends and get jealous of their growth, especially when you look at where you are and how focused they were back then?” He posed.

“I didn’t invest well because of bad habits, which till today hit me. I got to a point I fell into depression. I could cover it with alcohol, humour and cigarettes. The celebrity mentality got into my head. I was a big name and the fame left as fast as it came. After the show ended, I started to wonder why the people who were calling me for jobs were not looking for me anymore.”

However from his latest undertakings, OJ seems to have picked up his life and regained control of it.

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