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Outcry as Senator Wamatangi Allegedly Abandons Daughter Sired With House Help

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When Nairobian led an expose seven years ago that Senator Paul Kimani Njoroge known popularly as Wamatangi was a deadbeat, it alleged that in the seven years he had contributed Sh70,000.


That is around 800 per month. He is known to have risen to prominence by donating over 17,000 water tanks to 650 women groups in his county.

He was however in the eye of a scandal when he was accused of raping his young house help who took in for him

In a shocking case that was filed at the Children’s Court, the senator is accused of raping and siring a child with his house help.

“In July 2006, whilst the plaintiff (Wangui) was in the employment of the defendant as a housemaid, the defendant had forceful carnal knowledge of the plaintiff resulting in the plaintiff conceiving the minor herein,” reads the woman’s court statement.

“The defendant has all along despite constant requests refused and/or neglected to provide any child support notwithstanding that the plaintiff is jobless. The said minor is now in Class Two and the plaintiff is unable due to the fact that she is not in gainful employment.”

The woman’s lawyer Geoffrey Thiong’o submitted thus: “The plaintiff avers that the defendant has a legal obligation to maintain his daughter in the following manners, Sh20,000 for school fees and an equal amount for house rent, Sh15,000 in medical care fess and Sh20,000 in clothing and miscellaneous expenses. “The total expenses was around Sh75,000. Despite various efforts by the family of the plaintiff and several friends for the defendant to provide upkeep, the defendant has failed and/or neglected to do so.”

In her sworn affidavit at Nairobi Children’s Court, the woman claims Wamatangi has neglected a child he sired.

“On July 18, at about midday, the defendant defiled me in his house. He threatened me with dire consequences if I reported to the police. Subsequently, I left employment and conceived. I gave birth on April 23, 2007,” reads her affidavit.

“The defendant has all along been aware of these facts. When I ask for child support, he erratically sends a sum of Sh3,000 after a long time and only once he is prodded. My daughter is now in Class Two and I am jobless,” she adds.

Well, years later, the girl is poised to join a secondary school and two weeks ago, Wangui said the father of her child had remained mum on the matter.

“The girl has received an admission letter to a good school but I cannot manage to raise the required money. Wamatangi, who is the father of the bright girl, blocked me and failed to respond to my text messages that I wrote to him reminding him of his role,” she said.

She claimed that the Senate majority whip occasionally sent Sh5,000 for primary school fees.

Now, Wangui said, she is afraid her child will not join High school if she does not raise the money required for Form one admission.

Virginia Wanjiku, the child’s grandmother said she will sell her cow to help finance her education.

“I cry every day because of that girl. You may hate me because I am poor but take up your responsibility seriously. Your daughter has not been sleeping since the exam results were announced over fears of whether she will continue with education or not,” the elderly woman said.

Well,  K24 Digital now reports that the legislator only sent ksh7,000 to cater for the girl’s admission fee to secondary school.

According to the girl’s mother, the money was sent through proxies but upon inquiry, they got to know that it came from the Senate Majority Whip.

But Wangui decried that the money was not enough as the girl who has earned admission to join Starehe Girls High School is required to pay school fees amounting to ksh53,554.

Wangui noted with concern that the politician has been taking her in circles and has lately not been receiving her phone calls or responding to her text messages.

With only one and a half weeks remaining for 2020 KCPE candidates to join high school, the impoverished woman said she has been left confused on how to handle their daughter’s educational needs.

“He has been using other people to reach me but has not been receiving my calls. He sent ksh7,000 using a new phone number with another name but the sender told us it came from Wamatangi,” she said.

The girl who schooled at Crowns King Academy in Juja farm, Kiambu county managed to score 391 marks which translate to an A in the Primary School national exams.


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