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Papa Shirandula’s Njoro Reveals Why Celebs Go Broke Then Fall Into Depression

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Papa Shirandula’s actor Ken Gichoya, known affably as Njoro has revealed that acting pays.


He says that although it can be lucrative, most celebrities mismanage their funds and end up falling into depression.

Speaking to Kamuhunjia on YouTube, Njoro said mismanagement of funds and wastage is common to most celebrities.

“There are some who put money into the wrong use, such that they don’t generate income. Also, some use it living large.”

Njoro is one of the successful comedians in the country. Apart from owning properties in Nairobi, Njoro also runs businesses.

In his interview with #BonganaJalas, Njoro revealed that he has invested in land and rental houses in Mutalia, along Kangundo road, 42 kilometers from Nairobi city.

He has also built a palatial home in Kitengela, Kajiado county where he does farming.

“If they misuse money, by the time they are realizing, it’s too late and they sink into depression. They start regretting. You go partying with your money, you return with zero. The reality checks in, the landlord is waiting for you, you have a debt.”

He added;

“You get some crying on live TV, others want to commit suicide. Responsibilities come from building a stable family,” he said.

“The chances of falling into the depression are high when you don’t have a supportive family.”

He said he is proud that he never wasted his time and resources in his prime.

“Right now, I am not prime, there is a new list that is on top now, one time they will not be shining,” he said, advising them to make hay while the sun shines.

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