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Pastor Ng’ang’a Speaks on His Failed Marriages That Saw Him Sire over 70 Kids

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Neno Evangelist founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has opened up about his troubled marital past that spilled over to his current marriage to his second wife Loise Murugi


The pair tied the knot in 2012 at the Windsor Golf Club in a wedding attended by popular politicians, close friends, and family.

Speaking in a church service, the controversial man of God said since he got married to his second wife, she had a tendency of running away.

This he revealed while speaking on generation curses, where he said before he got married to his late wife, he had tried to marry but it was not working.

”I tried everything and when I say I have over 70 children, I mean it. I have 3o in Ukambani, twenty something in Mombasa, Nyandarua and Murang’a. One left with a seven-month pregnancy took her clothes and she never came back. I had to call myself into a meeting.”

He went on sharing details about his family,

”I am the fifth born in my family. My two brothers left their wives, went and got married to other men, two of my younger brothers, their wives died. My first wife died as well and I got married again, she has run away more than 16 times, Kiguu na Njia…”

Adding that prayers helped him as after that, she has never left him again.

”I had to call myself a meeting. I decided to take one of her clothes and her photo and took it in a prayer room and asked God to bring her back. I have married her officially. After that prayer, she has never left my home.

Nga’ng’a, who was then a widower before marrying his now-wife, confessed that he expected too much from a girl in her first marriage yet he had been married before

“I forgot she had never been a wife before,”

And so he embarked on a ritual to get her back. He took a piece of her cloth and a photo and hid them in a safe together with an offering to God.

“I asked God to ensure that my wife gets back to me. He should not let the lion lose its catch that easily,”

Later the couple reconciled and he showed her the contents of the safe that had her dress and photo.

Murugi also had her won confessions,

“Before I got married, there was no one who was a pastor or married to a pastor in our family. So I did not know how to be a pastor’s wife,”

Adding that,

“When we were courting, the issues we had during courtship followed us into our marriage. Because phone numbers ni ile ile. The people who were looking for you still do. Their agenda is to spoil your marriage,”

She shared that both of them had to change their numbers at some point

“When you get married you have to mold each other into what you would both like the other to be.

During her walk-aways, the pastor would go after her with police

“Yes, I packed my bags and left with his car many times but he used to come for me with a landrover and police,” Murugi said

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