Police Officer Who ‘Smelled’ An Abductor, Praised For Rescuing Two Little Girls

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Police officers on Sunday evening rescued Two girls aged 3 and from a man who had abducted them from their home and was taking them to an unknown destination.


”The innocent angels had been lured from their home as they played by one Jackson Mutinda, 31, who was arrested at a shell petrol station along Langata road, as he walked with the girls to a yet to be established location. Chief Inspector Justine Ouya, an aircraft engineer at the National Police Service Airwing, had just landed from a troops resupply mission and was walking along Langata road when she came across the man holding the two girls by their hands. They were walking with the minors towards Karen direction” reads part of the police statement

According to the DCI report, the chief inspector applied her sixth sense and immediately detected a foul play

” After observing him and the little girls briefly, her intuition as a police officer coupled with her motherly instincts led her to be suspicious. She immediately stopped the man and interrogated him. She also spoke to the minors and established that the man was not their father as he had alleged. Chief Inspector Ouya immediately restrained the man and raised the duty officer based at Wilson Airport, who responded with a contingent of officers instantly” added the DCI report.

The officers interrogated the captor and found out he had lured the little girl from their Muthurwa home.

”The officers immediately set off for Muthurwa, in search of the parents to the minors. After a few hours, the distraught parents of the angels identified as Judy Nyakio and Teresia Njeri were finally traced, desperately looking for their missing girls

The girls were later reunited with their parents.

The suspect is currently in lawful custody at Langata police station, being processed for arraignment on Child Trafficking charges.

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