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Popular Milele FM Presenter Francis Luchivya In Paternity War With Lover

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Another drama is evolving in the media fraternity after it emerged that Milele FM’s venerated Presenter Francis Luchivya is embroiled in a paternity war with ex-lover


The presenter is in daddy duties mano-a-mano with his former lover Patience Khasoa Wekesa. Trouble brewed when Luchivya began doubting if he indeed fathered the child after his name was omitted from the birth notification.

The development got him so miffed that he not only stopped providing for the child but also accused Khasoa and her lawyers of harassing him.

Khasoa has consequently bemoaned Luchivya’s sudden lackadaisical approach to his fatherly responsbilties after supporting her all through the pregnancy and birth.

“I explained to him that the father’s name only appears on the birth certificate but not the notification, which he refuted and served me a letter from the lawyer,” she explained.

Tuko Kenya reports that the presenter has through his lawyers demanded a DNA test be undertaken at a place and time of his choice.

“The paternity of the child is issue is in dispute due to various reasons which include but are not limited to your deliberate failure to include his name in the birth notification serial number B1 AC 7483446 thereby raising suspicion as to why his name was omitted,” read part of the letter from Mayende and Busiega Advocates.

TLO Law Associates, who are representing Khasoa, on their part, submitted that Luchivya should continue providing as he has been doing until the DNA test proves otherwise.

They are adamant that the test be conducted independently in a place agreed by Khasoa and Luchivya. “Our Client is unaware that the paternity of the child is in dispute as your client, who is the father of the child, has always provided for the child until matters extraneous to the paternity of the child soured his relationship with our Client,” wrote TLO Law Associates.

Luchivya’s lawyers want the test taken before February 28 so that the matter is put to rest and he either continues to meet his parental obligations or stops with immediate effect.

“Until the paternity issue is resolved by way of a DNA test as stated above, we strongly advise you to desist forthwith from mentally harassing our client that he is the father of the minor yet the paternity issue has not been medically undertaken and confirmed,” the letter added.

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