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Top Eight Filthy Things You Should Know About Nairobi Caretakers 

Population in Nairobi continues to grow up as most people travel from rural to the capital in search of greener pasture, and this has also lead to the rise of the vast development of rental houses in the city.

There has been an increased number of caretakers who try to strive for the available opportunity and there is no doubt that they are most enlightened and taking advantage of some circumstances in those apartments.


1. Water Rationing

Most landlords promise their caretakers additional salary if they can use other tricks for the city council to read less number at the main meter hence this motivates them to ration water for their tenants.

2. Authority To Lock Tenant’s Door

Landlords give their tenants authority to add a second padlock if they delay paying the rent. They can as well evacuate you from the house if the landlord okays them which they really enjoy doing just to get attention from the house helps they had been haunting.

3. Kunyemelea Single Wives

Sometimes caretakers are caught in temptations to snitch around the house of singles ladies requesting favors like money as they are always available at the apartments.

4. Multipurpose career

Caretakers tend to know everything like if the tenant asks for a carpenter, plumber, electrician, or even mounting a tv on the wall they are the first ones to try the job. You might think they did all courses in college and maybe they are class five dropouts.

5. Friendship at The End Of The Month

When a tenant informed them that the rent might delay, They are always happy as they use the opportunity to ask for small money.

6. Mediators

Whenever a fight erupts in the apartment, caretakers are always the immediate mediators before even police the police come.

7. Knock Tenant’s Door Anytime

Caretakers have the freedom to roam and knock at your door any time they feel like. You have to open it because it could be issues of rent receipts, water, or alarming issues.

8. Private Eye

Since they are always around the apartment, they see almost everything and well informed about everything that goes on in the plot. They are aware of who arrives late/early, who between wife/husband cheats on who in the marriage, who smokes, who drinks, and who is single/married.

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