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Prof Hamo Says His Wife Sends Jemutai Money But She Claims He only Buys Oreo

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Comedian and radio host Herman Kago, popularly known as Prof Hamo, has distanced himself from allegations made by fellow comedian Jemutai, who accused him of being a deadbeat.


Jemutai sent blogger Edgar Obare audio clips detailing the beginning of the relationship in 2015.

She said she first met Hamo while on Churchill Show and the two began a friendship that progressed into an affair, although Hamo already had a wife and family in Nakuru.

“My name is Jemutai and I am a comedian and a mother of two. I am a single mother and life is becoming even harder every day. I have lots of rent arrears,” she said.

I have no other choice so I am selling my Facebook account to anyone in business, it has over 850K followers, it goes for 2bob per follower. I want to be able to start a business and take care of my kids.”

Hamo put out a statement on Instagram, saying he has been providing for his children since day one and there is no day they went without the basic needs.

“I have children who live with me and others who don’t live with me. I have been providing for my children from day one and there’s no day they went without food or shelter or anything they need. My wife is the one who sends upkeep for the children who don’t live with us. This has been the agreement between my family and the mother of the children,” he said.

Hamo further condemned Jemutai for exposing their children to public ridicule by sharing their private affairs online.

“I believe children deserve a quiet growing atmosphere, and it’s inhuman to expose them to ridicule from their friends in school and elsewhere by splashing their photos or their stories online. In this regard, I wish to continue protecting my children by safeguarding their privacy and not engaging in any mudslinging,”

The Churchill show comedian further hinted that Jemutai could have been frustrated hence resorted to exposing their private affairs to the public.

“Sometimes people can get frustrated when they’re not able to get everything they wanted especially when unseen challenges arise. I have always been a present father for all my children and I will continue to work hard and take care of them,” he said.

Adding, “I am currently lost for words because I don’t understand where all this is coming from. I pray for peace and wisdom to reign and above all peace of mind for my innocent children now and in the future.”

Jemutai has hit back yet again saying she has only received Sh9k from Hamo’s wife.

“It’s on a Sunday for heaven’s sake. Why are we lying this early it’s barely 10. Kindly excuse my English I am typing with a lot of anger.1st and foremost the last time Hamp paid the rent was last year October and from then he refused to pick the caretaker calls,” she wrote.

She added that Hamo was at some point violent and has recordings to back up the claims.

“Hamo kindly note that I am withholding so much from the public including the day you were violent I have all the recording of you apologizing to Abner. Accept you have failed as a father and you are ready to better sio hizi mauongo, nkt. Be better do better.”

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