Punguza Mwili na Mihadarati! Fans Call Out Harmonize Over New Worrying Look

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Tanzanian singer Harmonize has gotten fans worried over his now ‘bloated Physique’ and alleged use of drugs.


Known affably as Konde boy, he has had his fair share of women troubles in the entertainment industry; he once bagged an only daughter to Tanzania based Italian tycoons but lost her to his philandering ways

After his last nasty breakup with actress Kajala, Harmonize decided to take a break and even apologized to his ex-wife, Sarah Michelloti.

His deterioration began when he openly confessed about feeling lonely in his humongous mansion; and from the caption, Konde Boy might just the looking for someone to settle down with.

Seeing how sensitive Harmonize had become fans assumed that he wanted to get back with his ex-wife, but he denied this;

Sihitaji mahusiano mapya wala ya zamani. I just made things clear, and to appreciate the woman who was there for me tukapitia mengi, kuachana sio vita. Single 4 ever 🐘

The former protege of Diamond Platnumz has drastically changed in the last couple of weeks. Only in his late 20s, he looks like a struggling, coke-sniffing, underground hip-hop wannabe from the Bronx

His cute baby face hoisted on a perfectly chiseled body is gone.

Well, all that is gone and so are his gym days as many believe that he is currently on steroids; which are have highly contributing to his current body weight.

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