Raila Under Pressure to Exit The Handshake

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American based-Kenyan professor of law Makau Mutua has angrily expressed his reservations with the continued existence of the handshake deal between ODM supremo Raila Odinga and his political nemensis Uhuru Kenyatta especially at this time when the president is under blame of mutilating the constitution and interfering with judicial independence.


A dejected Mutua consequently suggested that the handshake be wound up because it was ilogical for Raila to closely work with Mr Kenyatta despite his illegal and unconstitutional conduct that he has exemplified recently.

” ODM’s Raila Odinga must exit the handshake with Mr kenyatta. He cannot continue to abide by Kenyatta’s illegal and unconstitutional conduct. Enough is enough”. Mutua stated.

Mutua’s raging anger against the handshake duo especially president Kenyatta is drawn from the gazettement of 34 judges out of the 40 nominees that were forwarded to the president for approval by the judicial service commission early 2019.

Uhuru explained that the six rejected nominees had failed to meet the required thresholds. However, legal experts faulted the president’s decision saying he does not have powers to veto the appointments made by JSC as his role was only to confirm the nominees and witness them being sworn into office.

Among those who were controversially rejected were judges Joel Ngugi and George Odunga who were part of the five-bench high court jury that quashed the BBI constitutional bill mid-last month.

Their failure to feature in gazetted list has been seen as a punishment for their ruling that stalled the initiative that was a brainchild of the handshake.

Since yesterday, a lot of criticism has been directed to the head of state although he has not publicly addressed the matter.

Earlier on Makau advised that all the 40 judges be appointed, failure to which none of them should go to state house for their swearing-in.


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