Rainy Romance: Watch Eric Omondi Calm A Wife Material Contestant With Steamy Kiss

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Comedian Eric Omondi’s Wife Material 3 reality show has kicked off with crazy fireworks and his followers are having every taste of it.


Eric who is housing seven concubines from different counties in a contest will be challenging each of his prospects to showcase why she would make a good wife for him.

In one of the latest videos shared on his Instagram page, the funnyman is seen passionately kissing and fondling the South Sudan contestant identified as Quien Ayen.

According to Eric, he had to calm down the lady who had stormed out of the house following a fight with other contestants.

So this one @ayen_monica1 wanted to leave the house last night because they had a fight over a room that has a balcony. I had to CALM her down. He wrote


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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Below are some of the reactions to the video

Sleem: Yaani bro unampa mate hadharani tu 🤣 enyewe unaenjoy

Kamau: Eric unawatafuna tu wote hivyo omg

Lora: yani kissing ilikuwa kwa script in the beginning 





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