“Recalling the Military in Peace Will be a Problem” Ahmednasir Predicts Headache for Incoming President

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Renowned City lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has today pointed out a major inconvenience in waiting for the incoming head of state after Uhuru Kenyatta leaves government following the lapse of his second term by 2022.


The reputable legal mind signalized that drawing back the military who have been seconded for different nation-building activities to their rightful duties and military barracks will be a daunting task for the incoming government.

Nassir claimed that several undercover detectives have infiltrated major government offices and agencies and to call them back peacefully will be close to impossible.

Ahmednasir’s worry comes days after president Kenyatta defended his actions of involving the military in nation-building activities while on a development tour in Nyanza where he refuted militarising the country.

Uhuru’s turn to the military for his legacy projects over civilian officials began when he constituted the Nairobi metropolitan services under major general Mohammed Badi. Months later, the government approved the secondment of seven senior military officers to the agency for two years. A development that caused a lot of disquiet in government circles.

They were Brig-Gen Fredrick Leuria, who was deputy director of military intelligence at the Kenya Defence headquarters, Major JV Mbithi, Major AN Nyakundi, Major JK Njoroge, Lt Col JK Biomdo and Major AL Musoma.

Uhuru who has since credited the military for being disciplined and accountable has also involved them together with National youth Service cohorts in rebuilding the Thika Nanyuki metre-gauge railway by restoring the deteriorated embankment that is now operational.

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The refurbishment of the Kisumu port also had and input from the military where the Kenya Navy officials repaired the damaged lake Victoria cargo vessel MV Uhuru.

Another notable engagement by the military was the transfer of the Kenya meat Commission from the Ministry of agriculture to Defence. A transfer that the courts have since declared unconstitutional.

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Even as time runs out, Uhuru has publicly promised to continue engaging the military in profit-making activities and development projects although such operations have no constitutional barking.

It is as a result of such critical military deployments that Ahmednasir says the next government will have to go an extra mile to recall the men in uniform back to their respective barracks and perform their constitutional mandate of protecting the country against external aggression.

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