Remember The Lady Who Was Looking For Marriage? This Is How She Got A Man

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She was seen carrying a placard on the streets looking for a man to marry her after so many years of singledom. People laughed at her but she was just expressing herself.


Media, as well as residents, made fun of her but she continued walking and asking for any ready man to marry her.

She was tired of loneliness. “Oooh….I need someone to marry me as I’m ageing” most people especially of the male gender saw this as really ridiculous as it was not normal seeing a lady seeking a husband in the open.

Some men just took photos of her and went away laughing. Women, on the other hand, were seen laughing at her wondering how she could gain the courage to do that.

She told those who cared to listen that age was not on her side and she kept on wondering when she was going to get the right person at least for marriage and be like other women who had families.

She craved to have a family. She added that she had the habit of neglecting each particular man who dared ask her for love because she believed she was special; without knowing one day she was to need them for marriage.

Her age had really gone as she said it was only one year shy to turn 40. A sad age for ladies. Later, some concerned citizens linked her to a traditional doctor called Kiwanga. She visited the traditional doctor in his office for Spell help.

Dr Kiwanga then conducted Love Spells on her and a week after that exercise, it was really some good news as she had got her perfect match who was a teacher at a certain local school some few kilometres from where she lived.

This was the beginning of a new dawn in her life. Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors. To date, they are living together and the lady is happy and comfortable.

Good work from Kiwanga Doctors. She got a husband. The Native doctor also solves a range of life problems ranging from family life problems like domestic violence, jealousy among relatives, casting out demonic spirits and more others.

He also can help in job promotions, Good luck in business, money and good marriage. Call from wherever you are.

Kiwanga Doctors can also help in nabbing cheating spouses by making them stick together during intercourse.

Visit them today to end your problems. For consultation call: +254 769404965 E-mail: kiwangadoctors@gmail.com or visit the website www. kiwangadoctors.com.

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